Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Monday evening, Heather and I met Shay and Nathan at Grandma Gloria's house to help her pick apples from her apple tree. Unfortunately, Chad was out of town on business, so he missed out on the fun. We had a great time and picked more apples than we can count!
Nathan finds the first of many apples.
Shay and Nathan picking out the good apples.
Heather and Grandma Gloria find lots of apples.
Riley even got to come along, she loves apples!
Heather in action
Nathan testing out our new basket.
"I LOVE APPLES!" Nathan yells!
Nathan helping me with the apple picker to reach the apples way up high.
It takes a lot of concentration to pick apples.
Riley was rolling around in the grass and Nathan saw her, being the copycat that he is, Nathan says "I can do that" and so he too rolled around in the grass.
If the picker doesn't work, maybe Nathan can reach them using my shoulders.
Now that's what I call teamwork.
Nathan finds a good one.
Nathan has been learning how to share, so once he got down off my shoulders he looked at Heather and said "Your turn".
Another good example of teamwork.
"I help too" Nathan tells Auntie Heather.
We are better together!
Heather tries the "squirrel" approach by climbing in the tree.
By the end of the evening we were all tired but the truck was full of apples. Thanks to Grandma Gloria for having us out, we had a blast!

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Pella VL's said...

Those are some great pictures! This morning Nathan already said, "Go to Grandma Great's and pick apples again!" We had a blast and can't wait till our next adventure with Uncle Seth and Auntie Heather!