Monday, September 8, 2008

From Rockstar to Farm Boy

For Nathan's birthday Heather and I got him a pair of overalls and a trip to Living History Farms. Sunday we got Nathan geared up with his John Deere hat and boots and his new overalls and headed to the farm. We first got a tractor ride out to the farm. Nathan loves his tractors!
The first stop on the tour was the 1700's farm complete with a tee pee.
Nathan learns how tee pees are made.
"See Nathan, all those logs get tied together at the top," I explain.
After the 1700's farm we head down the trail to the next stop on the tour, the 1800's farm. This working farm has pigs, cows, chicken and sheep. This farm even had a baby cow.
Nathan and I get a front row seat as the farmer gets ready to milk the cow.
"That's a big cow" Nathan explains to me.
Nathan learns how to milk the cow.
Nathan tries his hand at milking the cow, it was fun but his hands got dirty.
Nathan shows us how the baby cow closes his eyes when he takes a nap.
We are finished with the 1800's farm and head down the trail to the next stop, 1900's.
Auntie Heather and Nathan pose for a picture on the bridge.
The 1900's farm has a big red barn, horses, cows, chickens and a turkey that gobbles.
The barn even has a hay loft.
I showed Nathan how the pump works and he say "Here, I can turn the water on." And he tried to turn one of the bolts as the "on" switch. We found an old bike to ride.
Nathan figuring out how to use the pump.
Auntie Heather and Nathan on the old farm equipment.
"This is a combine!" Nathan tells us city folk.
"It picks up the corn"
Climbing up the ladder with Heather.
All the way to the top!
"Let's get to work!" Nathan yells from the top of the ladder.
One day a rockstar the next a farm boy.
Nathan checking out the red wagon.
"Hook up the horses!" Nathan yells to Auntie Heather.
A good day at the farm.
Nathan with his own John Deere tractor.

We had so much fun at the farm with Nathan. He taught us city kids about tractors and combines and he showed us cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, horses and we even saw a snake on the trail. It was a great day!


adam said...

i always feel as though i am reading a picture book when i check out your blog. i love it.

Pella VL's said...

Nathan definitely loves the farm! It is just amazing how much he gets into tractors, combines & all of the farm animals. They say that clothes don't make the man, but in this case, you could make a strong argument that they certainly make a 2 year old look like a farmer.

When we get home, he's going to want us to move to the farm or put more animals in the backyard - his little wild bunny rabbit pet just won't do anymore.

We love seeing these pics of him having a blast by turning back the clock at the Living History Farms - good times!!

Rainbow said...

Hey y'all!
I love reading your blog posts every so often. You tell a great story with pictures. I like to see what adventures the comfort couple is up to; but I especially like seeing you with your nieces & nephews (I might be a bit partial to the Nathan J pics :)
Miss seeing y'all.