Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Chad: pt. 1 - Pella

Friday evening Heather and I headed to Pella to help celebrate Chad's birthday. His actual birthday is the 30th, but he is getting so old I don't think he noticed that we were celebrating on the 31st! (just kidding Chad). We meet up with everyone at the Pella High to watch the high school fall play. This year they were performing the musical Grease!
Wendy, Tom, Chad and Shay at the Pella High auditorium before the show begins.

The whole cast at "Rydell" high.
The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds
In full swing at the dance.
After the musical was over, we headed over to the Monarch for drinks. As we were walking in a black cat started to follow Heather. Being an active member of the "Central College Cat Haters Club" she tried to kick it in the face, but it kept following her.
Heather and the birthday boy.
The after party: Shay, Jen, Wendy, Tom and Chad
We had a great time in Pella celebrating Chad and his birthday, thanks Vande Lune's for inviting us! The musical was fun to watch and it was great to get to hang out for a bit afterwards.

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