Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall in Beaverdale

Fall in Beaverdale, the leaves are changing and falling to the ground. We love the big oak trees that we have in our yard, but with those big trees come lots and lots of leaves. Saturday afternoon, since the weather was so nice (in the 70's), we decided to head outside and clean up the yard. I mowed and bagged up the leaves and Heather cleaned out the flower beds and cut back all the hostas. We spent most of the afternoon outside and got the yard looking pretty good.
Then Sunday morning we woke up and looked out the window to a yard full of leaves! After we got back from the birthday party in Ankeny, Heather said she wanted to be outside and offered to rake the leaves up. I worked inside on our kitchen floor while she raked the front yard.
She is determined to beat the leaves this fall!
I came outside and helped her bag up all the leaves and the yard was looking good again. Then we woke up Monday morning to a yard full of leaves! The worst part about this is our trees have only lost about half their leaves so far. Oh well, we enjoyed the nice weather!

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Jennifer Handsaker said...

I feel your pain! I lived in Beaverdale for 4 years and those leaves always got the best of me!