Friday, November 14, 2008

Rest and Recovery

Since Heather had her surgery, she hasn't been able to be up and around too much, she has spent a lot of time on the couch resting and recovering. Lucky for her, she has had some company in a couple of 4-legged friends. Coco, Gary and Barb's dog, has been at our house this past week and she and Riley have had a great time together. They play hard and they sleep hard.
All three girls snuggled up on the couch together.
While they were sleeping, it gave me a chance to work on the kitchen floor without puppy paws running across the tile!
Riley and Coco hanging out in the pet bed together.
BFF's (Best Friends Forever)
Getting some more shut eye.
All the girls snuggled up on the couch again.
While Heather has been on the couch, I have been in charge of supper and I made this wonderful chicken pot pie the other night, complete with a smiley face!
Once again, we find the dogs sleeping, must be rough.

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Rainbow said...

Oh Heather, honey :( I had no idea. I will pray for your continued recovery. What a blessing to have a hubby that wants to take care of you with smiley-face chicken pot-pies & two dogs that like to sleep (with or without you :)