Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving - Pella Edition

Sunday, we headed to Pella for our first of 3 Thanksgiving celebrations. Heather's dad, Ron, lives on the outside of Pella on a farm. Chad, Shay and Nathan were there too, Nathan loves hanging out on the farm. Kris, Ron's wife, let Nathan bring the kitty inside so he could play with it. Nathan was so gentle and loving to that cat, he even gave it a ride on his John Deere tractor.
After a great lunch, Nathan wanted to go outside and check out the sheep. Heather and I got the privilege of joining him. I think the idea of the sheep was a lot more attractive to Nathan than the actual sheep. Once we got outside, he kept saying they were too loud and he would cover his ears.
Ron got some corn out for us to feed the sheep, Nathan wasn't too sure he wanted to get close.
He decided he would give it a try and helped me feed some of the sheep.

After the sheep we checked out the chickens and of course the John Deere tractor. I can tell that I would label myself a city kid because Nathan knows way more about farming than I do and he is 2! As we were walking back up to the house, the neighbors across the street were working in their field and Nathan "There's a combine" as he points to the combine, what a guy!

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