Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Chad: pt. 2 - Ankeny

Sunday we headed up to Ankeny for part 2 of Chad's birthday celebration. Chad, Shay and Nathan came to the big city on Saturday. They had date night while Grandma and Grandpa Stroud watched Nathan. Sunday morning we had brunch before they headed back to Pella.
Nathan was so excited to have a piece of birthday cookie cake, he could hardly look at the camera for this picture.
Chad shows off his birthday present and his new technology, an iPod nano.
Nathan doesn't have a problem with technology as he sends some emails on his dad's blackberry.
"Guys, these things are so easy to use, I can send messages with my eyes closed!" Nathan says
Riley got clean up duty and Nathan is interest to see what she is up to.
Nathan gives me knuckles.
Nathan was exploring the basement and found the treadmill. Chad turned it on low speed and Nathan showed us how to walk on the treadmill.
He got so good at the treadmill he started giving lessons. Here he is showing Auntie Heather how to use the treadmill.
"Guys, I'm good at this!" Nathan yells

Nathan takes a quick break from the treadmill to help Auntie Heather dog pile on the birthday boy.
Nathan realizes that his dad is in trouble; Nathan to the rescue and he pulls Heather off the couch.
"Dad, let me show you how to use the treadmill."
The whole family can get a workout at the same time. This looks like the perfect Christmas card for the Vande Lune's!

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