Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitchen Project - phase 1

This winter we have decided to give our upstairs a face lift. We started by redoing our dining room and this past week/weekend we started with the kitchen project. My plan is to remodel the kitchen in 3 phases, phase 1 is the floor, phase 2 is base cabinets and counter top and phase 3 is wall cabinets. Here are a few before pictures.
Before of the kitchen.
We also extended the kitchen floor out into the entryway.
Before of the entryway, you can see the boxes of tile that will become the floor.
First things first, demolition. I had to pull up the old floor before putting down the new floor. The carpet easily rolled back and the wood panels by the front door popped up quickly. In the kitchen, the linoleum can up quickly to expose a 1/4 plywood sub floor. Pulling up that plywood exposed the old and probably original linoleum.
Black floor with a splatter paint effect, awesome! I tired to convince Heather that we should keep it, but she said no.
This floor came up in pieces using a crow bar, it was a little more labor intense.
After the old floor was removed, cement board went down. Since we will eventually be getting new cabinets, I didn't put cement board and tile down to the old cabinets in case the new cabinets have a slightly different foot print that the old ones.After the cement board was secured down, I started on the tile.
Working from the front door back into the kitchen.
and into the kitchen.
Let the tile set, then apply the grout and wipe clean and we have a new floor!
Tile from the front door into the kitchen.
Phase 1 is almost complete, then it is onto the cabinets.

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Pella VL's said...

Wow! Seth, it looks awesome! You are doing a great job and adding some fantastic value into your house!