Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving - Monroe Edition

Last night we headed to Monroe to get together with Heather's family for a meal and fellowship. Although it wasn't actually a thanksgiving meal, it was the only time all the family was together. Heather's aunt Kris and uncle Greg and their two boys, Matt and John, are here from Texas. Rob and Erin and their two girls are in town until Thursday morning, they are flying to California to spend some time with their friends out on the west coast. Chad, Shay and Nathan came from Pella. Heather, Myself, Brent and Doreen made the trip from Des Moines and we all met up at Grandma Gloria's house in Monroe.
Grandma and Grandpa Stroud help the kids eat supper.
After supper Grandma Gloria read to us from the Bible and we shared how thankful we are for family and being able to all get together and spend some time together.
Karys, Heather and Gracie on the couch hanging out.
Nathan and John having a tickle fight.
Karys says "Cheese", Nathan is confused and Gracie see somethings more exciting.
Nathan and his puppy Falco
Since we won't all be back together for Christmas, John thought it would be a good idea to do a white elephant gift exchange (for you office fans "Yankee Swap). Basically someone goes first and opens a gift, the next person can either steal that gift or open a new one and so on until everything has been opened. The kids had "special" gift that we knew not to steal. Karys is digging deep to see what is in her bag.
A cool princess drawing board and new lip gloss.
Next was my turn, Nathan helped me open my gift, we found some tic-tacs, a Vermeer button, a bottle of Diet Coke and chap stick inside!
Rob explaining to Nathan that he saw a present for him over by the couch.
Nathan found his present, a Lighting McQueen drawing board!
Grandma Gloria was next, she wanted that Vermeer button, so she stole my gift and I got to open another one. Nathan helped me and this time there was a Christmas hand towel and soap.
John went next and got a chocolate Monopoly game!
Auntie Heather and Nathan flash signs as they wait for Heather's turn.
Chad found a bag of goodies!
Nathan is giving Karys ideas on what she should draw next.
Doreen opens her gift as Shay ooh's and aah's at the pretty wrapping.
Gracie got a matching princess drawing board in her bag!
Matt is super excited about his holiday decorations!
Shay's bag reveals some Beano and Rolaids, what everyone needs around the holiday's!
Rob is jazzed about his stamps and Starbucks gift card, Chad apparently isn't impressed.
Nathan and Karys explain how much fun they are having!
Kris unwraps her gift to find coco mix, cookies and a mug, Brent looks a little jealous.
Nathan helps Erin pick out her present.
Rob discusses strategy and makes suggestions.
Erin choose wisely, ending up with High School Musical candy canes and the ever so popular Connect 4!
Chad's bag reveals Iowa Hawkeye's stocking caps and...
...glove like socks that keep your toes warm.
Auntie Heather and Gracie pucker up as they test out their new lip gloss.
After presents, it is on to dessert. Karys helps her dad finish his cheesecake.
We ended the evening with a little girl talk on the comfy chair.
We had a great time in Monroe; good food, good fun and time well spent with family.

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