Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aaron Paul

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 14th, Aaron Paul was born at 4:13 in the morning. So after work, Heather and I headed to Pella to meet our new nephew! We picked up a few gifts and made it to Pella in time to help Chad pick up Nathan from day care, then it was off to the hospital to see how Shay and Aaron were doing. I think Nathan was more excited that he got a present!
The whole car ride to the hospital Nathan kept asking if he could open his present. Finally, once we got to the hospital we let him open it up...a book "I'm a Big Brother"Auntie Heather wasted no time, she wanted to meet this new bundle of joy!
A big yawn, it's been a big day!
Nathan wanted to hold his new brother, so with Heather's help he did a great job!
Nathan sure is excited to be a big brother.
Nathan was talking to Aaron, telling him that he used to be this small once and one day he will be bigger and they can play together.
Nathan and Heather checking out the new guy.
We brought a gift for Aaron too...Rockstar blanket, it has different guitars on it, got to start early!
...and a burp cloth that seemed to be a big hit!
Aaron, Heather and Shay, a proud aunt and proud mom!
I got to hold the little guy too!
...and what a peanut he is! I was thinking "My hand is bigger than your face!"
Aaron started to cry a little bit and Nathan was to the rescue, giving his brother a kiss on the forehead.
Grandma Great was there too, she got some time in the Aaron.
Grandma Great and her boys.
Chad shows Nathan a new book.
We didn't stay too long, Shay was pretty tired, but we got one more picture before we left.

He is definitely a sweet baby and we can't wait to hang out with him more...and teach him cool stuff!

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Lorraine-bo said...

Sooo sweet! I'm so glad that y'all got to come down yesterday! Nathan is going to be a good big brother! Thanks for posting pics!