Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walk for Military Marriages

Saturday morning at Gray's Lake, America's Family Coaches put on the 1st Annual Walk for Military Marriage. It was a huge success! Heather is the event planner for America's Family Coaches and this was her first big event and it went off without a hitch. There was a lot of planning and work that went into this morning and everyone had a great time.
We got to Gray's Lake at 5:30 to start getting set up. Our good friends Jared and Laura have this thing called a Bi-Cart, the front is a shopping cart, the back is a bicycle. We asked if we could borrow it for the day, since I would be going around the lake to put up signs and deliver water to the water stops. The bi-cart work famously! Gary Lydic could resist taking it for an early morning spin as we were setting up.
Aaron Siskow also got to bring his bike and pull along trailer to help out with signs and water.
First things first, he needed to count his money.
Then we mounted our bikes and headed around the lake to post signs on the route and get water to the water stations.
Once everything was all set up and ready, the walkers began showing up!
Then at 8:45 Gary and Barb Rosberg said a few words
It was a prefect morning for a walk...
...and there were a lot of walkers who came out! At 9:00 the walk began, 1.9 miles around the lake.
WalMart was a big sponsor of the walk! Go WalMart.
After the walk, it was time to party. There were inflatables for the kids, Chick-Fil-A, Blue Bunny ice cream, all sorts of fun things to do! Aaron ran into the Chick-Fil-A cow while he was counting his money.
Being a big fan of Chick-Fil-A, I got my picture taken too!
Then it was on to the sumo wrestling ring...Aaron and I suited up for the showdown of the day!
I give a thumbs up, which translates to "he's going down!"
It's go time...
...and we are ready to rumble.
...and down we go.
I bring out my secret sumo move...
...which clearly didn't work.
In the end, good triumphed over evil and I won, leaving Aaron on the ground...face down. He is lucky I didn't throw him into the lake, Andy Bernard style.
Miya shows off her cool face paint!
Our friends, Josh, Kelly and Hudson came out to volunteer. Josh and Hudson test out the bi-cart!
I missed most of it, but caught the tail end of Joni and Heather sumo wrestling.
After the walk was over, Aaron and I headed back out to collect the signs and the water from the lake.

Nice job Heather on such a great event. You did a great job of having your ducks in a row and you were quick to put out any problems. You were well prepared and it showed! You did a great job and it was great to see such a turn out for a great cause. It seemed like everyone had a great time and I can't wait for it again next year!

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Lorraine-bo said...

Heather! Way to go, woman! Great job coordinating such a large event. It looks like it was a big hit!

Love the bi-cart pics, smart idea to use it!

I love Chik-Fil-A, too. I worked there as a high-schooler at home in Florida and was so sad when I first moved to Iowa and we didn't have one. :)

I hope to be able to do the walk next year. Again, great job, Heather!