Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taste of Hope

Saturday night, we meet up with our small group at church for Taste of Hope. That is Hope's summer festival to celebrate the end of VBS. Taste of Hope is a time of fellowship, with lots of free food and fun! There will be inflatable rides, water slides, carnival games, a gamers area, free food, an art show, Hope's Got Talent Show and so much more! Come and enjoy a time of celebration to thank God for all He has done through Hope.
We enjoyed a great dinner of hamburgers and corn dogs out on the grass. Except for Thea, she didn't have a corn dog, but she did enjoy her bottle of milk.
Hudson had some food and a bottle of water, but as you can see here, most of the water ended up on his shirt.
Hudson really enjoyed running around and Josh had just as much fun chasing him!
Once it got dark...fireworks! What a show.
We had a great time chillin' with our friends. Taste of Hope is always a great event with lots of fun stuff going on. I can't believe that VBS is over, which means the State Fair is right around the corner...and that means summer is almost over.

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Lorraine-bo said...

I kind of chuckled at the first pick - big ol' blanket there and nobody is sitting on it - you're all on the grass instead! :^D