Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday in Pella

Since Friday was a holiday and both Heather and I didn't have to work, we headed to Pella to help Chad and Shay with some finishing touches before their baby arrives. I did a little painting in the nursery and Heather helped pull some weeds in their flower beds. They wanted a tree to coordinate with the rest of the room, so I pulled on my painting jumpsuit and got to work.
Making progress on the tree!
A few hours later, the tree was complete!
We worked up a sweat and thought the best way to cool off would be to head to the pool. Nathan was super excited to show us the green slide. Wave to the camera...
...and down the slide we go!
Next he wanted Auntie Heather to join him down the slide and away they go... a crash landing!
Next, Chad and Nathan show us how it's done.
And then the "Big Boy" moment of the day...for the first time ever, Nathan went down the slide by himself!

We had a lot of fun hanging out in Pella and we got a lot done too. Thanks to Chad, Shay, Nathan and Falco for hosting us for the day, now we can't wait to see how the baby likes his new room!

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Lorraine-bo said...

I stopped by on Saturday and Shay showed me the nursery! The tree looks great!

Looks like y'all had fun cooling off later, too!