Sunday, July 19, 2009

David Crowder Concert

Saturday evening David Crowder Band put on a concert at our church. There were 3 other couples who got tickets with us, the Pines, the Siskows and the Vocelkas. We met the Pines and the Vocelkas early in the parking lot for tailgating! In true tailgate fashion, Joni and Derek chill on our tailgate.
Complete with brats, hot dogs, fruit salad and string cheese! Jon, Kim and Heather are super excited about the concert and the string cheese.
We fired up the portable camping grill and the brats and hot dogs cooked right up.
After a fun diner, we headed inside to stand in line and wait for the doors to open. Kim and Heather show off our "artist circle" tickets...meaning close seats!
The whole group...Heather, myself, Joni, Derek, Jon, Kim, Aaron and Dawn. Ready for the show.
As always...Aaron is counting his money.
Elizabeth Hunnicut warmed up the crowd and then the David Crowder Band took the stage. These guys really know how to put on a show. If you get the chance I would highly recommend seeing them live. About the 3rd song in, David Crowder picked up his keytar (keyboard + guitar) and played the whole song using it.
Close up of the keytar in action.I noticed this little guy hanging out on stage and I had to take a picture, like my dad says "Every home needs a gnome!"
After a few more songs, he picked up this Guitar Hero guitar. His drummer re-wired this guitar to make real guitar sounds as you play it. He rocked out the whole song using this little gem.
The band in action!

It was a great show and great worship. We had a ton of fun and can't wait till they come back to town!

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