Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ragbrai in Indianola

Tuesday evening Ragbrai rolled into Indianola. Heather and I headed down there to check the festivities. This days ride was the longest of the week at 77 miles...

...and there were plenty of hills for the riders along the way.

Heather and I got into Indianola around 5, I would say about 1/2 of the riders had arrived by that time.

We parked at my parents house and met up with our friends Josh, Kelly and Hudson and headed up to the square. It was crazy...people everywhere, but it was pretty fun too! There was a lot of people watching and plenty of people to watch.

Along with all the bicycles there were also a lot of hot air balloons flying. We walked back to my parents house and saw this one in the air.
My mom had some watermelon for us. It was a big hit, Josh, Hudson, and Kelly all loved it!
Heather and my mom, Keri, are all smiles enjoying the watermelon and lemonade. I think Hudson may have enjoyed the ice even more than the watermelon.
After the refreshments, Josh, Hudson and I played a little catch in the backyard.

We had a great time hanging out in Indianola and seeing all the bike riders. We ended up heading out of town around 9:45 and to my surprise there were still riders getting into town. I can't imagine trying to set up a tent in the dark after riding 77 miles, but that is what memories are made of! Big thanks to my parents for hosting us for the evening.

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