Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in Ankeny (part 1)

Christmas Day 2009...snow storm. Western Iowa got around 20 inches of snow, needless to say Rob, Erin and the girls didn't make it to Ankeny on Christmas Day. The Pella VandeLune's made the trip over, picking up Grandma Great on the way. We had some soup and plenty of laughs.
Nathan opened up his stocking...
...Aaron was excited to see what was in his stocking too!
He really liked his new PraiseBaby dvd!
Heather and Aaron are both excited about Christmas!
The Tolanders sent up some presents from Texas...a sweet new ice scrapper! Perfect for the weather we are having.
Heather playing games with Aaron...
...and Aaron laughing up a storm. Shay and Heather pose for a picture..."Merry Christmas"
Nathan and I were playing and he had me put on his apron...Heather thought it was hilarious, I am not sure why...Nathan found Grandma Doreen's headset and just like that he turned into a football coach.
Nathan explains to me the plays, "We are going to run a 32 belly option on 2..." he says
...but oh, no wait, it is a trick play...grab the coach and run
I call an officials "Time Out" so we can regroup and run another play...Nathan digs deep in his playbook.
...we run the play where the coach becomes the quarterback and throws me the ball for a touchdown!
...then it's my turn to call the plays!

We had a lot of fun but it wasn't the same without everyone being there. The OC VandeLune's did make it to Ankeny! To be continued in part 2...

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