Thursday, January 7, 2010


Since Rob, Erin and the girls didn't get to Ankeny until Sunday, Heather and I took the day off on Monday to hang out and go sledding. We had so much fun! We found a small hill and away we went!
Heather, Gracie and Karys are bundled up and ready for the snow!
I gave the hill a quick walk over to make sure there weren't any hidden sticks or holes...all set, you bet!
The girls are all smiles at the top of the about a push?
Rob gives them a push and away they go!
Back up at the top, Erin and Karys are ready...
Rob gives them a push and down the hill they go!
"Hey, this is fun!" Gracie tells Heather.
Heather give a big "Thumbs Up" as she heads back up the hill.
Erin and Karys...I can't see Karys' eyes but I see a smile!
...add a little push and down the hill they go.
Heather and Gracie take a break on the hillside, eat some snow, give thumbs up!
Karys gets a ride back to the top of the hill.
The OC VandeLune's pose for a picture before the girls head back to the car to warm up.
Heather and I having fun in the snow!
Heather and her green sled..."Winter Lighting" as she gets ready to race Rob to the bottom.
...and they are off and flying down the hill
Heather veers left into the trees as Rob continues down the hill.
We get down to the cars and Heather notices a steep little hill from the parking lot to the road, so she give it a try...
Oh boy, that was fun...let's try that again!
Rob challenges Erin to a race to the bottom...
On the way down Rob wants a closer look at the snow...face plant
Rob tumbles head first through the snow and ends up looking like a snowman...
...Erin makes it to the end, I guess she won!
Let's try that again, this time with teamwork!

We had a ton of fun sledding, I think we had more fun than the girls did. We weren't out there very long, but it was long enough to enjoy ourselves and we got in plenty of laughs!

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