Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Project

This year for Christmas, Heather and I made some frames for our siblings. We saw this idea last summer and I was excited to try and make our own version.
I started off cutting some MDF board to my desired size. One of the frames held two pictures while the other holds one picture. I routered the edges to give a more "finished" look.

Next, I drilled the holes that I would need to attached the plexi-glass and add ribbon, and then I painted the frames.
Then I cut the plexi-glass and drilled holes in the glass so that it can be attached to the board.
I also roughed up the paint and the edges. I used capped nuts to attach the glass to the board to give a finished look.
Using the Cricut, we cut out some vinyl letters
And then Heather added some ribbon to complete the frames!
I think they turned out looking pretty good for our first try!

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