Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend with Nathan (part 2)

Sunday morning, with the sun out and the temperatures rising, we headed into the backyard to get in a little sledding! Nathan, Don and Heather are ready to rock 'n roll!
Nathan and Heather are all smiles at the top of the hill...
...and down they go!
Nathan and I loaded up in the sled to head down to the bottom.
...and then climbed back to the top, Don took the sleds and I took Nathan.
Nathan was getting a face full of snow riding in front of the sled, so we put him in the back for a snow-free ride!
Hold on tight because here we go!
...and back to the top. We switched this time, Don takes Nathan and I grabbed the sleds! Now that's teamwork.
Nathan and Heather get ready to go...Nathan picks out what color sled he wants to use this time.
Nathan picked the orange sled and no more snow in his face, he is tucked in behind Heather
...all the way to the bottom of the hill!
Wow, Don made it all the way to the frozen creek!
Nathan wanted to try and make it to the frozen creek, so he loaded up in the sled with Don.
...and sure enough, they made it all the way down to the frozen creek!
We had a ton of fun sledding and had lots of laughs. Our toes got a little cold but since we were only in the backyard, it didn't take long to head inside and warm up! We had fun hanging out with Nathan for the weekend and can't wait to go sledding again.

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