Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in Pella

The Monday evening, after Christmas, we headed to Pella to celebrate Christmas with Heather's Dad and his wife Kris. All the kiddo's were there so there was never a dull moment!
Nathan was supper excited about his new John Deere tractor.
Karys was so happy she couldn't even open her eyes to look at her new Barbie doll.
Nathan showing me his muscles in his new "Future Fisherman" t-shirt.The funniest conversation for me to listen in on was between Karys and Heather. They got into a pretend discussion about how and where they are going to throw snowballs at each other. Karys facial expressions were hilarious!
Karys says "I am going to put snow in your boots!"
Heather responds "I am going to put snow down your coat..."
"NO" Karys replies
"...well I am going to put snow in your ears!" Karys explains
"Oh really, well I am going to put snow in your hair!" Heather says
"NO...well I am going to put snow in your bed!"
That snow conversation carried on for about 5 minutes until they were both laughing so hard they couldn't come up with any more come backs! Then it was onto a game of "ring around the rosie"
...and a tickle fight!
Somehow we started swinging kids in the air and then onto the couch...Nathan loved it!
...then it was Gracie's turn.
...and then Karys' turn
...even the big kids wanted to try, so Chad got his turn too!
After that the kids piled onto the couch for a group picture!
We had a lot of fun celebrating Christmas with Ron and Kris. Good soup, good fellowship and lots of laughs. Merry Christmas!

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