Monday, January 18, 2010

P.F. Chang 1/2 Marathon

Sunday morning, I ran in the P.F. Chang 1/2 Marathon. It was a great event with lots of bands along the route and plenty of entertainment to get everyone to the end. I was a little late getting to the start and didn't make it into my corral, but with chip timing, everything worked out and I made it to the finish in 1:21.57
Since I got started in the wrong corral, I was about 4 minutes behind where I should have been in the race, so even though Heather was on the course, she expected me at one time but I didn't get there until about 4 minutes we missed each other on the course. We found each other at the finish and we also found this huge P.F. Chang inflatable with an electric guitar!
Finish line...thumbs up, I made it!
Our housemate, Don, ran the full marathon. He did awesome and finished in 3:17.33, fast enough for a Boston qualifier, nice work Don! Heather and I wanted to watch Don finish, so we headed over to the marathon finish line. While we were standing there, I noticed some orange trees behind us! I went over and picked a couple...
...peeled it, and ate it. Boy, oh boy...that orange was so sour, I couldn't eat it!

I had a lot of fun running the 1/2 marathon. Great weather and great music!

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