Monday, January 18, 2010

Wild West

Sunday evening, Heather and I headed to the desert to do some horse back riding. Heather is all smiles as we get out to the ranch to go for our desert adventure!
Heather gets saddled up on her horse Nick.
My horse's name was Jake, once we were all saddled up, we were off on the trail lead by our cowboy Skip.
...and we are off through the Sonoran Desert in the Tonto National Forest.
What a view!
Heather's horse Nick was struggling to keep up, but a few kicks and he picked up the pace!
Giddy up!
After an hour through the desert, we arrived back at the ranch.
Heather and I in the desert with the sun going down in the background!

We had a great time riding horses. Skip, our cowboy, even let us gallop a little, which was both fun and a little painful. Again, it was very fun but today I can tell I am not a cowboy...very sore!

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