Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in Ankeny (part 2)

The OC VandeLune's made it through the snow and got to Ankeny the Sunday after Christmas. We got together and had a great time playing, eating, and opening gifts. It was fun to have everyone together and to see the excitement on the kids face as they open up gifts.
Heather and the girls get right down to business...playing kitchen.
Addyson loves her pretend food!
Why are Christmas trees like bad knitters?...They both drop their needles! Well, at least Aaron thought it was funny.
Time for supper...who's hungry?
...Addy's ready!
After supper, there is time for a quick round of "Chase the Cowboy"
We then headed downstairs to open one point there were three kids sitting in front of the tree. Unfortunately, I am not fast enough with the camera to capture all three. Nathan helps hand out presents!
Karys, Gracie and Nathan are excited to open up their gifts!
...action shot of Nathan opening up his present from Heather and I.
What could it be?
A real acoustic guitar with real strings! I am so proud of that little guy, he knows how to hold the guitar and strum the strings!
Karys unwraps some new clothes!
Gracie and Nathan unwrap some more gifts.
Gracie shows us her new clothes.
Nathan and I having a little jam session with his new guitar.
Nathan gives it a try.
Onto more presents...a huge coloring book! clothes
Karys is trying to decided what to open about this big green one?'s a princess dress up trunk! Heather and I got it for her...I think she is excited despite the look on her face.
Little man Aaron is content to play with the ribbon from the presents.
...but wait, "What's that" he thinks, "someone my size"
Doreen is excited about her new jewelry.
...and Brent would be excited about the new GPS if he could read the box without his glasses!
Chad, Rob and I got new flashlights. Karys is testing out just how bright they really are... All the kids in front of the Christmas tree. 4 out of 5 smiles, that's 80%...not bad!
Papa Brent and Grandma Doreen with all the grandkids...and all smiles!
Karys strums us a tune. that Karys or Snow White?
If that is Snow White, then that means I must be Prince Charming!
Heather and Karys make silly faces. Karys is also showing off her new "bling"!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas and spending the day together. The kiddo's were hilarious and kept us laughing. The food was great and so was the fellowship. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, we had fun celebrating!

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