Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adventureland adventure

It's a yearly tradition with Heather's family to go to Adventureland, so this week we have had the official east side tour!  We met everyone at the park after lunch on Monday for a day of thrills and spills! 
Grandma Great and Trigg were excited to be in the park.
Nathan and Chad are all smiles!
Heather's Aunt Kris and Uncle Greg were here from Texas, Greg and Gracie plan out what ride to ride next.
Brent and Doreen are all smiles before the next ride!
On our way to the Dragon, we stopped on the bridge to look at the fish in the pond.
Shay and Nathan looking at the swarm of fish in the water.
Nathan pointing out to Trigg all the fish...
...let's get a closer look!
Trigg and I rode the dragon's together...he was busy looking at the lights in the castle.
We both had fun and were smiling as the ride came to an end!
Karys and Nathan on the Chuck Wagon.
John, Doreen and Kris on the Sidewinder!
Kris, John, Doreen and Rob on the Sidewinder with legs, arms and hair flying!
Gracie and Karys on motorcycles with Addy in the background.
Trigg and I driving a semi-truck!
Nathan and Aaron jumped into the front...thumbs up as we get started!
Nathan and I on the bumper cars!
After a full day at the park, we had a tired boy on our hands!
Nathan, Doreen, Aaron and Heather ride the Galleon one more time before we left the park!
We had a lot of fun at Adventureland, it was a day filled with thrills and spills!

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