Monday, August 13, 2012

Iowa State Fair

This weekend we headed to the Iowa State Fair for Trigg's first adventure at the fair!  The weather was perfect!  Our first stop was to see some John Deere green.
We then found this giant moose made from chocolate!
Then it was off to the animal barns.  We stopped first at the horses.
Trigg, using one finger, touched the horse and then would laugh and laugh...
Next we found a sheep that was soft!
This horse just got done in competition!  He was blind in his left eye, so they had him right up against the fence so he wouldn't get startled.
It wouldn't be the Iowa State Fair without a cup 'o cookies!
Trigg and I wait patiently while mom gets some cookies. 
Bingo!  Warm cookies and ice cold good!
Our pumpkin with a giant pumpkin!
We spotted the butter cow...well Heather did, I am not sure what Trigg spotted.
We took a break in the grass to change a diaper, play with some sticks and do a little people watching!
The Grand Concourse!
Next, we headed into the Animal Learning Center and what did we see....
ducklings! Quack, quack!
Baby Trigg got to pet a baby goat, the goat was only 1 day old!
Do we have a future turkey farmer on our hands???
Another staple of our fair experience is JR Donuts, they are a must!
It was a big day at the fair, we saw a lot and by the time we got to the car we had a tired boy on our hands...he was fast asleep as we pulled into our driveway.
...sound asleep and blowing bubbles with a little drool!
We had a great day at the fair, plenty to see and lots to do!  And as they say, "nothing compares"!

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