Friday, August 24, 2012

Week in Review

Another week in the books!  Last Sunday we had the OC VL's over for dinner on their way out of town.  We had a great dinner and it was fun to see them and say good bye as they start their new adventure in Haiti!
Trigg is doing great and trying to cut more teeth.  We think the top 2 are trying to push their way through.  It doesn't seem to bother him during meal time!
After going to the state fair last week, we have been reviewing our barnyard, pig, rooster and cow!
It is starting to feel a little like fall, we had a few cool evenings and mornings this morning it was in the 50's...that's hoodie weather!
We are not sure if it is because his teeth or if he caught a little cold, but midway through the week Trigg had puffy eyes and a runny nose...but he was a champ and kept playing and scooting across the floor!  That's right, Trigg has figured out the army crawl!
We finished the week celebrating Heather's birthday!  We had a great day, went to the zoo, splash park, naps, full rack of ribs from Woody's Smoke Shack and Bauder's ice cream sandwich for dessert!
It was a great week, it went fast but filled with lots of fun!  How was your week?


Margaret said...

Trigg is such a trooper! The upper teeth were more of an ordeal for Dean than lower -- those basically showed up overnight without warning. I heard the ragweed counts were increasing this week so maybe that's the culprit for Trigg's puffy eyes and runny nose?

Grandma Keri said...

The high chair picture looks like mini-Seth. Makes me smile :)