Thursday, August 2, 2012

Balloons part 2

Wednesday night we headed down to Indianola to watch some more ballooning!  It was another hot night, but we had a lot of fun watching the balloons fly into the field.
I forgot to pack a bib for Trigg, so I made a make-shift one using a napkin...seems to do the trick!
Piper was all smiles as we talked about what Trigg was eating (squash) and her favorite foods!
They had some tasty watermelon at the field...Morgan loved the watermelon!
Piper too!  Although she enjoyed it more once she started with the red side instead of the green side...
Trigg got to enjoy some watermelon too!
Those two little chompers were able to take a couple bites!
...and here comes the balloons!  They went out into the country and flew into the field,
...and right over our heads!

This is our friend Ron Nollen flying his balloon "Last Lap"
Ron (black and white checkered balloon) and Dale Dommer (colorful balloon with the black top) make their way to the "X" and then land on the field!
Trigg spotted several balloons flying over us!
Here come some more!
The balloons wrap up this weekend, so if you haven't made it down to Indianola yet, you have a few more days to enjoy the hot air! 

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