Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wild Adventure

Thursday was Heather's birthday!!!  As tradition with our family, we both take the day off of work to celebrate.  We headed to the Blank Park Zoo to check out the wildest adventure in Des Moines! 
The pink flamingo's were still sleeping in the sun with their heads tucked under their wing.
Next stop was the otter's...they were busy playing in the water, Trigg enjoyed watching them roll and splash in the water!
We kept on "exploring" and came to the Australian Outback...this black swan was sitting right next to the path warming up in the early morning sun...
I tried my hand at playing a didgeridoo
We found this frog and stopped for a quick picture!
We headed into the petting zoo and found these young Zebu's
The next stop was at the lion's!  This big cat was sleeping in the sun.
Our next stop was to watch the monkey's!
The zoo keeper's were feeding the giraffes, so we paid our dollar and Trigg and Heather got to feed them too!
One big lettuce leaf...and out stretched a long black tongue...and down the hatch!
A close up of our new found friend!
We kept strolling through "Africa" and came across these long horns...Watusi!
Heather and Trigg give smiles as they watch the ostriches.
Trigg and I at the giraffe overlook.
We were able to catch the sea lion show as we were heading out.
We stopped for a group photo as we were leaving...despite his expression, Trigg did have a good time at the zoo...we skipped his morning nap to take it all in so we had a tired boy on our hands!
After we got home and got some lunch in our bodies...everyone perked up a little!  Heather and I were singing as we cleaned up the kitchen...
...and I think he liked our song!
Doreen brought over Bauder's ice cream sandwiches made with their peppermint ice cream...what a way to finish a great birthday celebration!
Happy Birthday Heather, I hope you had as much fun today as Trigg and I did! 

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Christa said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great day!
Love christa, wade, morgan and piper!