Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pella Birthday Boys

Giga Ball!  51" inflatable ball of fun!  This is what Heather and I got Nathan and Aaron for their birthday this year.  Saturday, we headed to Pella to celebrate with a pool party. 
 We got there a little early to give the boys their gift...eyes closed...
 ...and Nathan is the first to dive in.  Oh yeah, the Giga Ball has two openings for kids to climb inside of the ball!
 Aaron climbed his way into the ball too!
 ...and away they rolled!
 After one accidentally body slammed the other, we decided it might be better to have one kid inside the ball at a time!
 Nathan is all smiles!
 I think the Giga Ball was a big hit and hopefully will be lots of fun to come!
 We headed to the pool for the party...Batman themed party! 
 Trigg was excited to celebrate with his cousins!
 Trigg watching Nathan and Aaron unwrap their birthday presents.
 Due to the thunderstorm that blew through, the outdoor pool wasn't open (although they let us use the outdoor tables for the party) so the boys headed inside to test out the diving board.
 Canon Ball!!!!!
We had a great time celebrating two awesome dudes and their birthdays!

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