Friday, August 3, 2012

Week in Review

Another week down and July is behind us!  I can't believe that it is August already...crazy! 
Well last weekend it was still Trigg and mom got out the pool while dad did some more work in the backyard.
Trigg loves the water and he loves splashing around!
On Tuesday, Trigg had his last music class.  He loved his music class, it was 4 weeks long and they sang songs, played music and had lots of fun!
It was a small class, only 4 kiddo's but they sure had fun!
Trigg has been trying to pull himself up in his crib...we were halfway into our pj's but Trigg decided to wanted to try and pull himself up!
Thursday we had a picnic lunch with the OC VL's and the Strouds, Trigg was all smiles as he watched the girls play on the playground.
Trigg got a music mirror from his cousins Morgan and Piper and he loves it!  He pulls himself up and kisses the baby in the mirror! 
"Thanks again Aunt Christa and Uncle Wade for my great music mirror!", Trigg said
We also saw some hot air balloons this week...
And the 2012 Olympics are in full swing, we love watching the Olympics! 
Here is our viewing strategy, we TiVo the Olympics starting at 7pm.  We finish dinner, read books and put Trigg down, by the time we get downstairs and turn the tv on, it is about 9 or 9:30...then we rewind and watch the 4 hours of programming fast forwarding through commercials and slow commentary and interviews.  The only problem...we get to sleep about 11:15 or 11:30.  I'm exhausted just from watching, but they only come every 4 years (well every 2 really) so it's worth it!
That brings me to the "Question of the Week"
What is your favorite event to watch during the summer Olympics?
Have a great weekend!

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