Monday, August 17, 2009

Family Fun

Nathan came to stay with Heather and I on Wednesday night till Friday afternoon. We had a blast with the little man! He recently had a birthday and we got him a tent, unfortunately it did get here in time for his party, so we had the tent set up in the basement for him to check out at our house...needless to say, he was pretty jazzed about his new tent.
Heather got in to check out the new tent!
Heather's brother Rob, his wife Erin and their girls were in town from Wednesday to Friday, so Heather took Thursday afternoon off to take the girls to the pool in our neighborhood. They had a blast splashing around.
After the pool, they came over for dinner at our house. We set up the tent on the deck for a camping dinner.
It was a full tent, but the troops didn't seem to mind!
After dinner, we headed downstairs for a jam session. Nathan was rocking out the drums.
Karys and Gracie join in the fun.
Gracie on the hand drums...making music!
We also played a round of "London Bridges"
..and the bridge fell down on Nathan...leave it to grandma to pick on the kid with the broken arm!
After the girls went home, Nathan still had some energy left (imagine that), so we headed up to the park for a little bike ride.

Even with a broken arm, he pedaled up the hill to the park. His energy did fade and we managed to walk it home to bed!

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