Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nathan's Hawkeye Birthday

Saturday Heather and I headed to Pella to celebrate Nathan's 3rd (golden) birthday, but if you were to ask him, it was his Hawkeye birthday! Complete with a football birthday cake.
Heather and I were in charge of a game for the party, so we came up with "Tape the Beak on the Hawkeye". Nathan was up first, Chad spun him around a few times and pointed him in the right direction...
...and Nathan taped the beak to the top of the Hawkeye, not too bad!
After taking off his blindfold, he was able to get the beak in the right place!
Next up was Nathan's friend Brady, Chad got him good and dizzy...
...always trying to be helpful, Nathan said to the blindfolded Brady "It goes right here!" as he slaps the board.
Not too bad!
Nathan and Brady give big smiles!
Chad takes a turn at Tape the Beak on the Hawkeye.
...pretty close!
Chad and Nathan give a big smile!
Now onto the cake!
We sing "Happy Birthday" as Nathan blows out the candles.
As you can probably see, Nathan fractured his arm earlier, well I have been wanted to sign his cast, but Shay had already scheduled his 3 year old pictures. Well the pictures were that morning, so Shay handed me a sharpie and said sign away!
It says "Rock On" with a guitar and our names below it...Rock On Nathan!
Grandma Doreen and Big Papa got to sign the cast too!
After cake it was onto the stuff was a big hit this year!
Complete with an sweet baseball batting machine.
Nathan also got a cool suite case for all his travels!
...and some new clothes.
...and a fun Hawkeye puzzle
Nathan was super jazzed about his baseball stuff and wanted to set up the batting machine. Chad started trying to put it together, so I took the boys outside to distract them. Nathan requested that I bring my "clown balls" with me (3 tennis balls) so I could juggle for them. Not wanting to disappoint the birthday boy, I put on a little show.
Mom, Dad and the birthday boy all in their Hawkeye gear.As the party started to come to a close, Nathan's little brother Aaron decided to wake up and party too!
The Pella VL's all decked out for the Hawkeyes.
Happy Birthday Nathan! We had a great time celebrating with you and your family! On a separate side note, Tape the Beak on the Hawkeye and Clown Balls are available for rent for your upcoming party...just let me know.

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