Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday Night Balloons

Last Wednesday Heather and I headed to Indianola to see the balloons. It was a great evening for the balloons, not a lot of wind so the balloons floated in the sky.
Heather and I took Morgan to the fence to get a better look at the balloons, she loved sitting right on the fence!
I told her everything I know about balloons.
On the way back to our seats, Morgan wanted to stop and smell the flowers, so we did.
Then we got into a tickle fight.
...and who doesn't love a good rocket ship!
The balloons were getting all lined up for the night glow.
As we were getting back to our seats, Morgan wanted to go for a train ride...Uncle Seth?
...it was a great train ride, comfortable wood seats in old oil drums!
All the balloons as dusk approached.
As we were heading out, we got a picture with Heather and I and all the balloons, what a great backdrop!

We had a great time Wednesday night hanging out with my family, Big Thanks to my parents for having us down!

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