Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday in Ankeny

Heather and I both took Friday off of work to spend some time with Heather's family. Heather's folks, grandparents and both of her brothers were all in town, so we planned to snap a few family photos, nothing professional but since we were all together we would try and capture the moment. Getting ready for the photos, Karys, Heather and Gracie decided to play "Beauty Shop" and the girls wanted style Heather's hair!
Karys got a little involved in her work and ended up pulling a little harder than needed, but Heather's hair looked great!
After that, Heather found some "nail polish"in the form of hair bows and painted the girls finger nails.
...don't forget the toes too!
Rob and Erin weren't able to make it to Nathan's birthday party so they brought his present along...he was super excited to open it.
A Lighting McQueen sleeping bag! Nathan wanted to test it out, so he crawled right in.
Gracie, Heather and Karys work on their silly faces for the pictures.
After pictures, we headed out to the front yard to anyone?
We had a great Friday hanging out with Heather's family. It is always great to see them all and fun to spend time together.

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