Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday in Monroe

This past weekend, Heather's aunt, uncle and cousins were here from Texas. Saturday evening we headed to Monroe to hang out and celebrate all the summer birthdays! Chad, Shay, Nathan and Aaron came over from Pella and Brent and Doreen made the trip too, everyone was there! Nathan was sporting his new "John Deere Green" cast from his recent playground injury that resulted in a broken arm...bummer, but even a broken arm can't slow this little man down!
Kris, Paul and John get warmed up with a game of bocce ball.
Heather, Shay, Greg and Chad watch as the bocce game is played.
Pretty soon, everyone joins in the bocce ball game.
Brent shows us how to throw!
We all watch in anticipation to see who won the game...
Heading inside, Nathan gives Greg a huge high five!
Heather and Aaron get some quality time together.
Celebrating all the summer birthdays with cake and ice cream.
Nathan, John, Kris, Paul, Doreen, Heather and Aaron...the summer birthday crew.
Nathan shows me his new trick..."serious" eyes.
I get a little time with the little man and his "Rockstar" blanket.

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