Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday Night Balloons

Monday night Heather and I headed down to Indianola to watch the balloons with the Pines. We also met up with my family out at the balloon field. Miya and Heather are all smiles as we wait for the balloons to inflate.
Last year we brought the Pines down and the balloons didn't fly, this year we hope for different results. Derek, Isaiah, Joni and Miya pose for a family picture.Morgan and my mom are playing with bubbles!
Wade, Morgan, Christa and Rhonda smile as they enjoy some dinner...walking tacos!
...and the balloons start to inflate. We have a green flag which means they are good to go!
They split the field, so half of the balloons took off from the balloon field and the other half flew into the field. If you look into the distance you can see two small balloons on their way into the field.
Heather and I pose for a picture with a great backdrop!
Miya and Joni were both really excited that the balloons were flying!
A family picture with balloons in the background.
Up, up and away...
Christa and Morgan are excited to see all the balloons in the sky.
What a pretty evening as the balloons filled the sky.
My dad and I watching the balloons come in.
These are the balloons that flew into the field and landed.
Heather and I are all smiles as we watch the balloons come into the field.
Derek and Joni enjoying the evening filled with hot air.
The ladies walking back to our chairs...
...and the boys hanging out with the balloons.
I gave Morgan a ride through the air, she thought is was so much fun!
Heather and I smile for the camera while Morgan pretends she doesn't notice the camera.
...then Heather and Morgan got into a tickle fight!
Meanwhile, Miya wanted to go ride the train, she made sure to get the first spot on the train...
...but being the only one on the train, she could pick any seat she wanted.
Isaiah was showing off his muscles as he did a few pull-ups on his stroller.

We had a ton of fun hanging out at the balloons and we can't wait to get back down there this week!

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de*rek said...

I was glad I got to see them launch this year. Thanks for taking us!