Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Heather!

Sunday, August 23rd was Heather's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER! For her birthday, she wanted to spend the day out on the water, so we headed up to Big Creek State Park and rented a pontoon boat for the day. We got to the lake around 11:30 and took the boat out for a spin.
Our friends the Pine's and the Vocelka's got to the lake around 12:30, so we picked them up for some fun in the sun. Jon quickly struck a pose as he soaked in the sun!
Kim, Joni and Heather are all smiles as we head out on the lake!
Jon and Derek give their best "tough" guy look.
The Siskow's joined us around 3, Aaron counting his money while the rest of the crew enjoys the water!
Group shot in the water with fun noodles!
The pontoon boat came with a grill mounted to the front, we brought dinner to grill! Jon enjoys his burgers while I am checking on the food.
Joni, Heather, Kim and Dawn give big smiles for Heather's birthday.
Heather and I pose for a picture together.
It wouldn't be a birthday if there wasn't birthday cookie!

We had a ton of fun spending the day out on the water. We had plenty of laughs and got plenty of sun! Happy Birthday Heather!

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Jennifer Handsaker said...

Happy belated birthday Heather! You are a joy and a blessing.