Monday, December 15, 2008

AFC Christmas/Dance Party!

Last year, the staff at America's Family Coaches (AFC) gave Gary and Barb dance lessons for Christmas. They had such a great time during those lessons that the AFC Christmas party was held at the Des Moines Ballroom Dance Studio, located at 2745 Douglas Ave. We had dinner and then got 2 dance lessons. The party was Saturday night, we got there a little early to help set up for the dinner.
Jon showing off the table decorations.
Heather and Kim couldn't resist an open dance floor.
It was like a high school dance and Flash Dance combined into one ballroom! Heather and Kim were super excited to get the evening started.
As it has been for the prior Christmas party's, Chef Terri cooked an excellent meal for us. She prepared chicken stuffed with artichoke's, mushrooms and peppers served on a bed of rice, an amazing salad, parmesan dinner roll and raspberry and dark chocolate desserts. It was all so good!
Just as Joni sat down to enjoy her dinner a fly landed in her rice, but her dashing husband Derek came to the rescue and got rid of the fly!
Jon and Kim are enjoying dinner!
Gary and Debbie are all smiles as they wait for the dancing to begin!
Elizabeth and Michael wait patiently as the meal finishes.
Before the dancing starts, there were a few presents to open. Joni tears open her present!
Kim is so excited as she gets her present open, Heather can't wait to get hers open.
Kim and Heather are all smiles with their new throws.
Gary and Barb open up their gifts with smiles and laughing, this year the staff gave them a couples massage!
Once all the presents were open, we headed into the ballroom where our two instructions, Jim and Suzi explain to us how to foxtrot.
We learned 4 different figures for the foxtrot. Jim explained that in competition, the man is not the focus but the woman is. Jim showed us how the man is the "frame" and the woman is the "picture".
Derek and Joni showing off their ballroom skills.
Gary and Barb are light on their toes as they dance around the room.
Derek and Joni are all smiles as they start to get the hang of it.
Heather and I hold our own on the dance floor!
As the evening drew to a close, Jim and Suzi put on a show for us, showing us their competition dance routine as they flew around the dance floor!

Everyone had a great time learning how to dance and spending an evening together. We shared a lot of laughs and smiles. Merry Christmas!

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