Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving - Indianola Edition

Thursday, Thanksgiving day, we headed down to Indianola to have a Thanksgiving lunch with my parents, Wade, Christa and Morgan. It was great to get together with them. My niece, Morgan, is growing like a weed and it is fun to see my sister and her husband become parents.
Morgan showing off her crawling skills.
Morgan's shows us how she wants to become a ballerina someday and dance on her toes.
Morgan give a grin once she realizes that everyone is watching her!
Auntie Heather and Morgan share secrets.
I try my best at carving the turkey
The sweet potato is ready for some sweet potatoes...
...maybe not.
After an excellent meal, Morgan and I hang out together at the table.
She isn't too sure about my beat boxing sounds.
If nothing else, she thinks its funny!
Getting ready for nap time, Heather and Morgan hang out on the floor.
We had a great time in Indianola with my family. Time spent with family is time well spent.

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