Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving - Ankeny Edition

Thursday evening, we headed up to Ankeny. Heather wasn't feeling the greatest, so we didn't take very many pictures. Riley got to come with us this time, and she was super excited to see Nathan! Chad, Shay and Nathan came from Pella, and the crew from Monroe also made the trip.
Nathan chatting with Auntie Heather and Falco, Nathan's puppy, hopefully soon to be a real puppy!
Nathan teaching us how to feed a baby a bottle. Shay going through the black Friday ads!
We stayed long enough to put Nathan to bed and then it was back home for a good night sleep. Chad and Shay came and stayed at our house because fist thing Friday morning, we had some shopping to do! Heather and Shay headed out to the mall while my dad picked up Chad and I. We made stops at Ace Hardware, Walgreen's, Lowe's, Best Buy and World Market!

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Rainbow said...

Sounds like y'all had a great Thanksgiving all 4 x's! I hope Heather is feeling better. You haven't had the 'stache added to your goatee that long, have you?

Anyway - hope y'all have a great Christmas season!