Friday, December 12, 2008

What a guy!

So after our vet appointment yesterday, Riley and I walked over to Chad and Shay's house, apparently Riley needs the exercise! Chad was out of town on business, but we got to hang out with Shay and Nathan. Heather finished running her errands about the same time Riley and I got to their house. Nathan was super excited to see Riley. He wanted to pet her as soon as we got in the door!
"She's a nice puppy, she's soft too!" Nathan tells me.Soon after we got there, it was time for a bath. Shay was feeling a little under the weather recovering from a case of bronchitis so Auntie Heather got to help out with bath time!
"All clean" Nathan exclaims as he runs out of the bathroom wrapped up in his towel!
After he got his jammies on, he showed us how to count and then went through the alphabet!
Then it was onto running laps from the backdoor to the refrigerator and back again, showing us how a horse gallops and how fast he is.
After running laps, Nathan told us more stories, stories about what he is learning at day care, stories about his puppy Falco, all sorts of stories, some of them were made up and some of them actually happened.
It is some fun to see his imagination at work and to see him think and how he sees the world. What a guy!


Anonymous said...

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Rainbow said...

I agree! You tell great stories, Seth! I like all the pictures, too! :D