Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Ankeny

Christmas eve, we were in Ankeny to celebrate. Doreen prepared an excellent meal, but before we ate we opened presents!
Nathan, Gracie and Karys wait patiently by the tree while everyone gathers downstairs.
Nathan shows me his first present, a shark puzzle.
Heather helps Gracie unwrap her gifts.
Nathan shows Grandma Doreen his new tractor book.
Gracie tears into her next present, throwing the paper over her head.
I don't know who is more excited about Nathan's new vest, Chad or Nathan.
Karys stops to say "Cheese" between presents.
Karys is super excited about her Barbie purse and sunglasses!
Heather smiles while Gracie puts on her new lip gloss.
Shay and Rob smile from the safety of the couch, they were on camera duty.
Nathan opens up his next gift, a dog book and dog collar.
and the next gift is a dog bed, "Why do I need a dog bed?" Nathan asks.
The big surprise, Rob, Erin, Doreen, Brent, Heather and I all chipped in and got Nathan a new puppy for Christmas!
Nathan was so excited when we explained that this was his puppy and he could take him home!
And his puppy fit perfectly in his new puppy bed.
Only 10 minutes and already best friends.
Gracie offered a few pointers on how to hold a puppy without dropping him.
Nathan, Karys and Gracie petting the new puppy, Nathan decided to name his new puppy Falco.
Nathan joined Falco in his pet bed to make sure it was soft.
Karys managed to get her Barbie kit open and tried on her new sunglasses.
After all the commotion of a new puppy, Nathan and Chad disappeared for a bit. When they came back Nathan had a new shirt on, announcing that he was going to be a big brother!
After the presents were opened, we headed upstairs for supper, but Grandma Doreen had more surprises in store for the kids. Gracie and Karys found a giant doll house...
...and Nathan got a kitchen set.
Nathan showing us his new slippers, Lighting McQueen!
The girls in their jammies playing with Auntie Heather.
Ready for bed, Gracie and Karys thought it would be fun to sleep on the steps.
We had a great time celebrating with all the family in Ankeny. Unfortunately, Nathan came down with a terrible cough, that nurse Doreen suspected was Croup. Chad, Shay and Nathan ended up leaving early to head back to Pella to get into urgent care to have him looked at. Sure enough, he has Croup. Croup is a common childhood viral illness that is easily recognized because of the distinctive characteristics that children have when they become infected. Like most viral illnesses, there is no cure for croup, but there are many symptomatic treatments that can help your child to feel better faster. Children will usually be well when they went to bed, and will then wake up in the middle of the night with a croupy cough and trouble breathing. The cough that children with croup have is also distinctive. Unlike other viral respiratory illnesses, which can cause a dry, wet, or deep cough, croup causes a cough that sounds like a barking seal. They got the cough under control with some treatments and he is doing a ton better now. They ended up leaving Falco in our care for the evening, but we were able to deliver the dog the next day after they got settled back home. Nathan was a trooper through all of it.

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