Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We have made it a tradition in our home that the weekend after Thanksgiving we go out and find our Christmas tree. The first year that we lived in our house, we packed up the car, our new puppy and headed out to a tree farm in the country to cut down our own tree. Last year, we picked up a nice tree from the local grocery store. This year we headed up the street to the nice little "tree farm". They had their Winnebago and more trees than the forest. The guys were very helpful and after much searching we found what Heather was looking for, a tall and skinny Christmas tree.
We loaded the tree on top of our vehicle and headed home. It had been snowing, so the tree got to warm up in the garage for a night before coming into the house.
We got the tree into the house and the dogs were super excited. Riley's friend Coco has been staying with us, and they both have the Christmas spirit!
We got lights put on the tree and Riley thought they were so pretty!
Last night, we put the finishing touches on the tree. This year we went with a simple version of the tree. We used gold ribbon, red berry picks and some lights and our tree is ready for Christmas!
It even glows with all the lights...Merry Christmas!


Derek said...

Hair is looking nice and long. Glad to see your still going strong. Mine is out of control curly.

Erin said...

Tree looks great you guys!

Christa said...

Your tree looks really good! Nice work on decorating. Hopefully Riley stays out of the tree!