Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Christa

Yesterday was my sister, Christa's birthday. Happy Birthday Christa! To celebrate we met the Indianola crew at Christa's favorite southside restaurant, Mezzodi's. Even though the weather was so cold and crummy, we had a great time with family celebrating my sister.
The birthday girl and her girl, Morgan, but Morgan doesn't seem as excited to celebrate.
Heather and my mom say "Cheese" while Morgan checks everything out.
Christa, Morgan and Wade enjoy some great food.
Rhonda and Greg (Wade's folks) and my dad are all smiles.
Me, Heather and my mom pose for a quick picture.
Morgan tries on Heather's scarf, I think she likes it.
We had a lot of fun celebrating Christa on her big day. It is always fun to hang out with Morgan, she was full of laughs and smiles last night. And it is great to see her interact with her parents, her grandparents and her aunt and uncle!

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