Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Beaverdale

On Tuesday, the 23rd, Heather and I hosted a Christmas party at our house. We had Heather's dad, Ron and his wife Kris, Chad, Shay and Nathan, Rob, Erin, Gracie and Kayrs. Heather did an excellent job with the meal, we had ham, cheesy party potatoes and rolls. Kris brought green bean casserole, Chad and Shay brought dessert and Rob and Erin brought drinks. It worked great!
It was a challenge setting our table for 11 people, but we did it!
After dinner, we headed downstairs for a fire and to open presents. Heather and Karys get ready to open!Heather, Karys and Gracie made quick work of the wrapping paper.
Kris, Ron, Nathan and Chad help Nathan open up his present.
An Iowa Hawkeye football uniform, complete with pads and a helmet!
"Throw me the ball!" Nathan yells.
"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"
Gracie and Erin open gifts.
Rob reliving his glory days of football tries on the Iowa helmet.
Nathan unwraps the big present to find a John Deere wagon.
Riley, Karys and I take a break from unwrapping.
Gracie, Nathan and I sit down for a jam session.
Nathan and Gracie play the drums while I strum on the ukulele.
We get tired of the music pretty quickly and decide to take a tour of the Christmas tree and look at all the ornamates.
We had a great time hosting Christmas at our house. It was great to have everyone over and spend some time with family!

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