Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Indianola

Christmas day we headed down to Indianola to celebrate with my family, my mom cooked her traditional Christmas brunch. It was very good!
Morgan was dressed up for the party, if she could talk, she would have said "Merry Christmas!"A new book quickly caught her attention and she was off crawling to check it out!
My dad found a new high chair toy in his stocking. My parents are daycare for Morgan 4 days a week, so this toy will be just as useful for my dad as for Morgan.
Christa helps Morgan unwrap a present.
Some onesees and some new books, Morgan seems thrilled.
Morgan also got an orange, now she seems excited...
...better taste it to make sure it's good.
Heather and I with our presents.
My mom opened her gift from Morgan. She was impressed with Christa and Morgan's "handy" work.
My dad is notorious for giving gnomes as Christmas presents. He says "Every home needs a gnome," and those gnomes show up in the strangest places. Heather is always excited when she gets a gnome!
Christa opens up her gifts while Morgan plays with her new blocks.
My dad somehow finds the most interesting gifts. This year was no exception. We each got a new cd from Gentleman Jim. Jim used to run the fishing resort in Minnesota that we fish at, but recently he sold the place to pursue his musical dreams.
Morgan showing off for the camera!
Another gnome, this time a Christmas gnome!
We all got Santa figurines from a different country, Wade is very excited about his Scottish Santa.
Christa received a Victorian Santa, because she spent a semester in England while at Central College and as we all know Queen Victoria ruled over England.
Morgan received a NU2U gift, which means that it may not be new, but it is new to you! She got a cabbage patch doll, but not any cabbage patch doll, this was Christa's from when she was a kid.
...a zeppelin!

After the gifts were unwrapped, Falco got to join us. He was very interested in the ribbon!
Morgan got introduced to Falco...
...and she loved him, she just laughed and laughed.
Then Morgan looked up at us almost as if to say "What a nice puppy, can I have one?"
We had a great time in Indianola celebrating Christmas. It is always nice to spend time with family. We headed to Pella to bring Falco to his new home. I think he was happy to finally make it home.
Merry Christmas!

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