Monday, December 8, 2008

Small Group Christmas Party

We have started a tradition with our small group from church that we continued this year. We have a Christmas party, but not your normal Christmas party. It is a progressive dinner with each course at a differnt couples house, that way we get to see every one's home decorated for Christmas. We also wear our "best" Christmas attire; sweaters, vests, ties, the louder the better! This year we also had games at every ones house with prizes to win! We started off the evening at Mike and Sarah's with appetizers.
Mike and Sarah pose by their Christmas wreath on their front door!
Mike and Sarah show their lovely Christmas tree along with Mike's amazing sweater vest and Sarah's handcrafted Christmas shirt, wonderful!
We played an excellent game of Christmas Carol Pictionary.
Heather shows us her drawing skills.
I take my turn...
...and the crowd goes wild!
Josh draws while sporting his Christmas green blazer.
Kelly tries her hand at drawing.
Matt carefully plans out his drawing
Sarah, the art teacher, shows us all how to draw.
Kelly won easily and is opening her prizes while Josh watches
Next we headed over to Matt and Meredith's for some soup. I snapped a quick pic of them outside with their Christmas decorations.
Matt and Meredith in front of their tree with their festive Christmas vests.
After the soup, we traveled over to Josh and Kelly's for main dish. Josh and Kelly pose with Frosty the Snowman in their front yard. Kelly and Josh in front of their tree, Kelly has on a fashionable poncho made from a Christmas tree skirt and Josh is wearing his green blazer with a corduroy red shirt and singing Christmas tie.
Josh quick shows us his infamous "creepy" guy face and Kelly reacts.
After the main course of french dip sandwiches we headed to our house for dessert. Unfortunately we were running out of time for the evening, so we didn't get a picture in front of our house, but I will be sure to take one soon. We did get a picture of Heather and I in front of our fun tree in the basement. Heather had on a festive vest with Santa on skis, while i am wearing a vest and singing tie.
We did finish the night with a group shot of all of us ready to spread Christmas cheer.
We had a great time and the evening flew by. I think everyone had fun, we shared great food with great friends and lots of laughs! Merry Christmas!


Jill the Thrill said...

um.. i'm going to need to borrow that vest!

Rainbow said...

y'all look like you have such great fun! love the vests!

Sarah said...

I call the tie!